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Friday, Oct 20, 2023 (7-9pm)

This screening session features 9 short films. All films are in English and/or have English subtitles.

Address: Fox Theatre, 2236 Queen St E, Toronto

Free Tickets: Reserve your seats for this screening HERE. Still unsure whether you can make it? Don't worry, more free tickets will be available at the box office just before the screening!

ROCK OF AGES_edited.jpg

Rock of Ages (Canada) by Ian Johnston

The Beat! The Beat! A short documentary. Rocking out in Kensington Market, Toronto. Running time: 00:01:00

Death is dangerous, it could hurt.jpeg

Death is dangerous, it could hurt (Canada) by Mariane Béliveau

Three rhythmic storylines are characterized by rituals of everyday life and the vicissitudes of existence, coalescing around a common experience: that of shooting up as a mode of drug use. The voices of M, Lyon and Marianne reveal to us their relationship to the process of shooting up while at the same time plummeting us in a sensory universe that characterises it, where the interplay of colours and textures evokes the altered psychological and physical states desired. Running time: 00:18:41

Beautiful Figures.jpeg

Beautiful Figures (Belgium) by Soetkin Verstegen

Thoughts ripple over the pages of a personal notebook, kept during a stay at different science labs in Zürich. They float from one to another, like a mind map of unfinished ideas on memory, medical imaging, cells, and aging. Running time: 00:04:00

European Man...American Beach.jpeg

European Man...American Beach (United States) by Rex Shannon

A European man goes naked to an American beach. A clothed American beachgoer takes offense and a brawl ensues. Running time: 00:06:56

Time Traveling Through Time .jpeg

Time Traveling Through Time (Canada) by Ryan Ward

A wannabe film director becomes embroiled in a battle against the laws of time and space when his attempts to recreate the iconic black and white, photograph-only, time travel film, La Jetée, spiral out of control. Narrated by Julian Richings (The Witch; X-Men; The Umbrella Academy) and starring Skyler Caleb (The Office, Two and a Half Men). Meow! Running time: 00:13:48

Daron, Daron Colbert .jpeg

Daron, Daron Colbert (United States) by Kevin Edward Steen

Living on the edge of one the most polluted zip codes in the US, an actor prepares for a role. Running time: 00:14:00

Text me when you get home.jpeg

Text me when you get home xx (Germany) by Niklas Bauer

At night, a woman enters a stranger’s car, casually and voluntarily. But soon she begins to sense the dangerous situation she might be in. Running time: 00:10:00


Shadow (Canada) by Alexander Zip

In “Shadow” a woman walk by a familiar alleyway, reminding her of a past that she regrets. As the woman walks away from the alleyway she suddenly is frozen in her Tracks. Something part of the woman yearns for that ugly past, her shadow. Her shadow takes control, once again leading her down that dark path until lost in total darkness. Running time: 00:04:01

Our Males and Females .jpeg

Our Males and Females (Jordan) by Ahmad Alyaseer

A father and mother are faced with the painful task of washing and shrouding their deceased transgender daughter. Shrouding is an Islamic religious practice that is deemed obligatory to carry out upon death. But when no one agrees to wash her and shame falls onto the family, how far is the father willing to go to make sure his "son" is washed? Running time: 00:11:00

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