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Wednesday Oct 19, 2022 (7-9pm)

This screening session features 5 films. All films are in English and/or have English subtitles.


Fox Theatre

2236 Queen St E,

Toronto, ON M4E 1G2,


Free Tickets:

Reserve your seats for this screening HERE.

Still unsure whether you can make it? Don't worry, more free tickets will be available at the box office just before the screening!


Dance is my quick fix.png

Dance Is My Quick Fix (Iran) by Maede Jenab


Synopsis: “News is now part of our life and we have no influence on its content. As someone who lives abroad, I am naturally more sensitive to news that comes to me from my country. At the time of my pregnancy I found myself faced with the choice whether to continue to follow the news or not, because often I found myself sad or stressed. Dancing while reading the news has become my solution. This way keeping me informed protected me from emotional danger. This is an animated video of this process.” Running time: 00:00:40.


Dynamite (France) by Jim Vieille


Synopsis: April 2020. Lêg always stays locked up at home, engrossed by screens that all broadcast the same image: a burning car. But is it the outside world that smoulders or Lêg himself ? Running time: 00:04:37.


Selections/awards: Brussels Independent FF, Sydney World FF (Best Music Video), Boston Short FF, Super Shorts NY, and more.


Aresco's (USA) by Aaron Kelly-Penso


Synopsis: Aresco's is a short documentary that follows the night shift at a Connecticut bodega. The film focuses on the community that exists in the bodega, chronicling the humorous and touching interactions between customers and the shopkeeper, Saifullah "Ali" Khan. Running time: 00:12:00.

Vita Love.jpg

Vita Love (Canada) by Francis Luta




Synopsis: A ravenous beast dwells inside a body. She roams the darkness tempting other insatiable bodies, driven by the need to satisfy her senses. Before devouring her next catch, they engage-summoning the primordial hunger for satisfaction. They build strength from the hubris they feed off of one another. But this pleasure brings about a consequence, an entrapment to last a lifetime. A cosmic loop of captor and captive. She becomes re-born at each turn, manifesting the love for life. She is VITA LOVE. Running time: 00:04:26.


Humanization (Sweden) by Giulio Musi




Synopsis: Anna lost her child in an accident. Estranged from mundane life she has stopped feeling physical pain. Numb, she decides to end her life throwing herself out of a window. Miraculously Anna survives and wakes up in a nursing home where she befriends a nurse and a young boy. Slowly Anna starts to create meaning to her existence in hope to be able to carry on living. But how does this created meaning relate to the actual reality? Anna seems struggling with how to perceive her surroundings. Running time: 01:24:00.


Selections/awards: IFF of India, Brussels Independent FF (Best Narrative Feature),Venice Film Week (Best Narrative Feature), and more.

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