Screening Schedule:

Thursday, October 21, 2021 (9-11PM)

This screening session will be hosted by Johanna Schneller and features 5 films. All films are English spoken and/or English subtitled.


Fox Theatre

2236 Queen St E,

Toronto, ON M4E 1G2,


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Due to the vaccine passport mandate coming into effect on September 22nd, all guests attending will be required to show their proof of vaccination and photo ID upon arrival. 

We are all on the same bus.jpg

We are all on the same bus (Portugal)

By Nuno Serrão


We are all on the same bus, but some of us are more awake than others. If we consider Einstein's space-time concept, we end up with an object where everything that happened and everything that will happen, is understood inside. Through it, we are driven by a vehicle, let's call a bus, completely autonomous, that goes in a single direction, to the front, and has a single window, the rear. This vehicle, astronomer Arthur Eddington called The Arrow of Time. This idea, although depressingly deterministic, is difficult to ignore in view of the already proven plasticity of time, even when we consider Heisenberg's Uncertainty Principle, where the act of observing something, alters its result. A concept that does not invalidate a deterministic Universe, rather, allows the Interpretation of Many Worlds by Hugh Everett, also known as Multiverse. Running time: 00:02:00

The Cut (Canada) by Chloé Cinq-Mars poster.jpg

The Cut / La coupure (Canada)

By Chloé Cinq-Mars


Recovering from a cesarean section, Emma finally meets her newborn son. As she overcomes her unfamiliarity and slowly falls in love with him, The Cut explores the complexity of the bond between mother and child. Running time: 00:17:00

Forest (Ireland) by Dermott Burns.jpg

Forest (Ireland)

By Dermott Burns


‘Forest’ is an experimental short film rendered using real-time graphics. Through contrasting a vibrant virtual paradise with a dark reality, the film reflects upon humanity’s ignorance of their destructive nature on earth; the innocence of youth and the indifference of adulthood. Running time: 00:02:48

A Man That Time Forgot (Canada) By latif ullah.png

A Man That Time Forgot (Canada)

By latif ullah


A man contemplates time through the memory of his mother. Running time: 00:00:55

Boy from the blaze (Spain) by Ignacio Acconcia poster.jpg

Boy from the Blaze (Spain)

By Ignacio Acconcia


Aleixo Paz A.K.A “Boy from the Blaze” is the survivor of a tragic accident that destroyed his life and that of his family. About to turn 18, without a job or an education, he spends his days in the darkness of his room. Consumed by pain and anger, his only hope is writing songs for an imaginary crowd. Inspired by a friend and encouraged by his mother, he will find the strength to go on stage and overcome his fears. Running time: 01:29:00