Toronto Arthouse Film Festival

Friday, October 22, 2021 (7-9PM)

Fox Theatre

2236 Queen St E,

Toronto, ON M4E 1G2,


This screening session features 6 shorts and 1 feature film.

All films are English spoken and/or English subtitled.

Tickets will become available in September 2021.

Anamnesis (Canada) by Ryan Gransden, Mark C. Edwards


A poetic narrative of a man reliving his most traumatic and cherished memories before death.


Duration: 00:07:37 / Trailer

Keywords: narrative short

Freeze Frame (Belgium) by Soetkin Verstegen


Freeze frame: the most absurd technique since the invention of the moving image. Through an elaborate process of duplicating the same image over and over again, it creates the illusion of stillness. In this stop motion film, identical figures perform the hopeless task of preserving blocks of ice, like archivists. The repetitive movements reanimate the animals captured inside.


Duration: 00:05:00

Keywords: animation, experimental, short

Moto (Canada) by Brian Dale Sokolowski


A 2 ½ minute filmic essay shot at a pro national motocross race in Southwick, Massachusetts, in which the director recalls a death he witnessed during teenage years spent racing dirt bikes.


 Duration: 00:01:46

Keywords: short 

Love In The Heart (South Korea) by Lee Sang Won


A cold-blooded murder contractor who is asked to do his job silently. In a room, she finds a picture of a beautiful woman and visits her.


Duration: 00:01:53

Keywords: music video

Tsi Teyoto:te (Even In the Silence) (Canada) by Jonathan Elliott


A visual poem told entirely in Kanien'keha (Mohawk language) that examines the impacts of underage drinking in Indigenous communities and the struggle to overcome grief and past traumas through culture and traditional practices. Rachel, a young Mohawk woman struggles with the aftermath of a terrible drunk-driving incident, forcing her to confront her trauma and mistakes in order to heal.


Duration: 00:03:34

Keywords: experimental, short, drama

Going to Beyond (Canada) by Kalli Paakspuu


"Going to Beyond" is based on the song, "Üle Toonela tumeda vee" (“Over the Dark Waters to Toone”) and is about going to the land of the dead in the Finno-Ugric mythology. Sung by singers that were recent refugees in Toronto and conducted by Maestro Roman Toi in 1954, this film is a creative treatment of the emotional story of leaving everything that is known; It tells the singers' story of despair and renewal.


Duration: 00:05:00

Keywords: experimental, music video, short, web / new media

Obscure (United States) by Kunlin Wang


Obscure is a coming-of-age journey of a teenage boy who sexually awakens after discovering the sexual relationship between his father figure and sister figure. The sibling love and companionship, which once served to counterbalance familial strangeness, is now disturbed and gradually develops into a sexual attraction and desire.


Duration: 01:31:00 / Trailer

Keywords: narrative, feature, drama